SPMP80xx is a family of SoCs manufactured by chinese company Suncom. The chipsets combines an ARM926 a CEVA DSP 1620 DSP and a 3D graphics processor[1], each part running at 300MHz or 350/324/324 according to another source. Presence of a hardware 3D accelerator is not confirmed though, there is an opinion that it's not there at all[2] The family includes following chips:

  • SPMP8010A
  • SPMP8016A

Although detailed specification of the chipset is a big mistery, it is conceivable that it has atleast all the features of SPMP3050A, its predecessor.

Brief inferred historyEdit

In 2006 Taiwanese SoC manufacturer Sunplus spun of a daughter company Sunplus mm that was developing PMP SoCs and created SPMP3050A chip. Sunplus mm was either moved to China propper or purchaised by chinese company, Suncom (aka Sunkong) is Shenjiang Technology Co., Ltd, located in Shenzhen city, China. SPMP80xx chips were probably developed later under Suncom.

Devices with SPMP80xx chipsEdit


There is a multitude if PMP devices based on SPMP80xx chips made and sold by different companies. Most of these devices share the looks and control organs, as well as external connectors.

  • Unbranded
    • "sony PSP"
    • "sony Vaio"

OS and SoftwareEdit

Original Suncom devices run a vesion of eCos adopted to the hardware. It seems other companies can make thir own modifications to OS and UI application. The sources however have not been release to the public. There is an on going project to reverse engineer the OS so that whole software stack is open and available for modification. Hypothetically in the future there can be a port of full fledged linux for this device, as there are already several ARM 9 SoC systems running linux.

Already now it is possible (not in an easy way) to build and run custom applications, a doom port is in the works.